CoVaBiz Magazine (the business magazine of Coastal Virginia) recently published an article highlighting the work that Healthier757 is doing to increase health literacy locally.

Jim Spore, president and CEO of Reinvent Hampton Roads , explains why Healthier757 is critical to his goal – making CoVa” synonymous with “healthy.”

He goes on to share why addressing rising healthcare costs matters to Hampton Roads. “We all know healthcare costs are skyrocketing. We want to help businesses control that,” Spore shares. “Plus, a healthier workforce can mean a more productive workforce.”

EdLogics’ founder and CEO, Tom Chamberlain also shares his motivations for starting the company in the article. “When I worked as a pharmacist, I saw people not understanding their health,” he says. “I could give them a brochure. It had information, but not much. I didn’t know if they learned.”

Chamberlain shares some statistics from the platform’s user satisfaction surveys:

  •  77% say the information presented was very informative.
  • 75% say information presented covers topics they did not know about previously.
  • 73% say they plan to use other resources on EdLogics to learn more about specific conditions.
  • 81% of users say they will change their behavior based on the information presented.

Read the full article here and visit Healthier757 for more information.