While millions of Americans continue to be touched by the health issues and economic fallout caused by the coronavirus, tens of millions more suffer from isolation and loneliness. Early hot spots like New York look for any glimmer of hope while other areas, specifically the South, brace for the worst.

Here are some updates from our clinicians, accurate as of April 08, 11:00PM EST:

United States of America Statistics:

Cases Diagnosed – 432,216

Recovered – 24,413

Deaths – 15,732

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As some discuss when we can reopen America, Dr. Fauci says it is time to “redouble our efforts”.

Some doctors on the frontline of the battle seek alternatives to using a ventilator for the most serious cases.

A clinical trial has begin for the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine.

Frequently Asked Question:

What should I do if I have to work from home for a while?

Working from home can feel strange and stressful if you’re not used to it. Try these tips:

  • Dress just like any normal workday.
  • Set up your work space – ideally, a separate room where you can close the door. If that’s not possible, even a folding table and chair in a quiet corner will do.
  • Stick to your usual work hours. Don’t sleep in or work extra late at night.
  • Set goalsfor the day or week to help stay focused.
  • Eat healthy meals and snacks. Don’t raid the refrigerator or pantry for junk food – it can raise your risk for getting sick.
  • Check inwith coworkers regularly. Motivate each other!
  • Limit distractions. Don’t let a sink full of dishes or a pile of laundry – or even a post on Instagram – take you away from your job. Set aside specific breaks in your day for chores, and save social media for after work.

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