The past weekend saw protests across the nation as people demand that restrictions and “stay-at-home” policies be lifted. But health exerts urge caution.

Here are some updates from our clinicians, accurate as of April 19, 11:00PM EST:

United States of America Statistics:

Cases Diagnosed – 787,891

Recovered – 71,347

Deaths – 42,063

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Officials warn that cases could surge if stay-at-home is lifted too soon.

Four requirements for reopening the U.S.

Frequently Asked Question:

What should I do if I think I’ve been exposed to the coronavirus? 

DON’T go straight to the doctor, ER, or walk-in clinic. You could make others sick. Instead, call your doctor if:

  • You think you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus
  • You’ve been around someone who is sick with COVID-19
  • You have a fever, cough, or trouble breathing

Your doctor will decide if you need testing or if you can care for yourself at home (self-quarantine).

If you have mild symptoms, call your doctor early if you are over 60 or have serious or long-term health problems like heart disease, diabetes, or lung problems. Your risk of serious complications from COVID-19 is much higher.

For more answers to your questions, visit our coronavirus FAQ page.