Like it or not, almost all of us are homebodies now. 

A stay-at-home order has a way of doing that. 

But that could be changing soon. It might come as a relief to hear the lockdown is being lifted in some areas.

Not so fast. 

In different states, restaurants, gyms, barber shops, and other businesses are starting to open up, with restrictions. But that doesn’t mean you have to go out.

The lockdown may be lifting, but that doesn’t mean the coronavirus is gone. 

People are still getting sick. Infection rates haven’t even peaked everywhere. In many areas, the number of new infections per day is still growing. According to the CDC, new cases are expected to rise in the coming weeks — with total deaths topping 100,000 by June 1. 

And even in places where the infection rate has peaked — like in New York City — that just means the number of new infections per day has started to go down instead of up. The number doesn’t drop to zero. Even with new infections on the decline, there are still new infections every day. Many, many more people will get sick before this is over.

You can still spread the coronavirus without even knowing you have it. 

You can still get the coronavirus from someone who seems perfectly healthy. One person can infect dozens more in an enclosed space like a restaurant or nightclub in just a short time. 

If you do go out, continue to practice physical distancing. Stay at least 6 feet away from others. Wear a face mask in enclosed spaces, wash your hands often, avoid touching your face, and all the rest. Do your part to prevent getting and spreading the coronavirus, and — hopefully — we can avoid a resurgence. 

It isn’t the time to start giving out bear hugs, handshakes, or even high-fives. Not yet!