Over 1,000,000 Americans have now been officially diagnosed with COVID-19. States continue to slowly reopen businesses and progress is being made on developing treatments and vaccines.

Here are some updates from our clinicians, accurate as of April 27, 11:00PM EST:

United States of America Statistics:

Cases Diagnosed – 1,008,707

Recovered – 136,065

Deaths – 54,398

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Antibody tests can show who is still at risk.

The hunt for COVID-19 drugs and vaccines becomes even more complex.

Here’s how COVID-19 compares to past outbreaks.

Frequently Asked Question:

How do I get tested for the coronavirus?

CDC-approved tests are available in all US states. Call your doctor’s office if you think you’ve been exposed or you have symptoms. They’ll decide if you need a test and let you know where and how to get one. The test could involve swabbing your nose, mouth, or throat, or by getting a sample of mucus or phlegm from your lungs.

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