Across the U.S. testing continues to become more available. Many states brace for outcomes as restrictions begin to lift. Around the world the search for a vaccine continues.

Here are some updates from our clinicians, accurate as of May 3, 11:00PM EST:

United States of America Statistics:

Cases Diagnosed – 1,199,770

Recovered – 180,905

Deaths – 68,611

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An eye-opening study on Covid-19 from South Korea has been released.

The COVID-19 vaccine hunt heats up globally, still there are still no guarantees. 

The death toll in the U.S. could reach 100,000.

Frequently Asked Question:

I have young children. How can I talk to them about coronavirus?

  • Take the time to answer your kids’ questions. Ask them what they’re hearing from friends or on TV. Discourage older kids from getting their info from social media. Let them know they can come to you instead. 
  • Be calm and reassuring. Children learn from not only what you say but how you say it. 
  • Be honest. Give your child only as much information as you think they can handle. Use simple, age-appropriate words. Let them know that doctors and others are working hard to make sure everyone stays healthy.

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